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  • May
    China Mild Steel Grating

    Mild steel grating production method: According to the specifications given by customers, the processing, welding, cutting, and final wrapping, if there is a corner, the corners must be removed first.

  • May
    Steel grating specifications

    Steel grating, also known as grille, steel bar grating or grid plate, is made of flat steel and twisted steel. The steel grating is durable and more affordable than other products. Its main purpose is in power plant platform and parking platform, maintenance platform, ditch cover and tread board.

  • May
    Stainless steel grating

    The stainless steel grating is a steel grating made of stainless steel. The production process is similar to that of ordinary steel gratings, except that it does not require anti-corrosion treatment such as painting or hot-dip galvanizing. Instead, steel grating needs to be surface-polished to remove the welding. Welding slag or scars left in the process.

  • May
    Hot dip galvanized steel grating

    Introduction to hot-dip galvanized steel grating
    The galvanized steel grating is made of flat steel cross-arranged according to a certain spacing and cross bar, and welded into a steel grid plate product with a square lattice in the middle, high strength, light structure, easy to hoist and so on; Beautiful and durable. The surface is also hot-dip galvanized steel grating for better corrosion resistance!

  • May
    Smooth Steel Grating

    Smooth steel grating
    The smooth steel grating is a widely used product in the classification of steel gratings. The shape of the flat steel is flat, as the name suggests flat bar grating. The surface can be hot-dip galvanized, cold-galvanized, and painted. Among them, hot-dip galvanizing is a common surface treatment method.

  • May
    Welded Steel Grating

    Welded steel grating plate raw material selection
    1.304: Stainless steel grating has general corrosion resistance and is most commonly used. It is recommended.
    2.316 (316L): Strong corrosion resistance, expensive, generally used in special occasions.
    3.301: steel grating plate is weak in corrosion resistance and cheaper.

  • May
    Steel grating

    The type of steel grating plateAccording to the different types of flat steel, steel gratings are mainly divided into the following three categories, and their respective characteristics are as follows:Planar type of steel grating: Flat steel grating plate is the most widely used steel grating plate

  • May
    Aluminum bar grating suppliers

    Aluminum bar grating is one of the ceiling materials produced in recent years. The aluminum grating has an open view, ventilation and ventilation. Its lines are bright and tidy, and the layers are distinct. It embodies a simple and clear modern style. It is simple and convenient to install and disassemble. The main products of the year-end decoration market, aluminum bar grating can be mainly divided into groove aluminum grille and flat aluminum grille.

  • Apr
    Serrated aluminum grating

    The Serrated aluminum grating plate is welded by a flat steel with a serrated shape. Aluminum grating has strong anti-slip ability in addition to the characteristics and use of ordinary steel grating. Aluminum bar grating is especially suitable for wet and slippery places, offshore oil platforms, etc. .

  • Apr
    Plain floor aluminum grating

    The main and auxiliary keels of the Plain floor aluminum grating ceiling series are vertically and horizontally distributed, with distinct layers, strong three-dimensional sense, novel shape, fireproof and moisture proof, and good ventilation. Say goodbye to the difficulties of traditional type of assembly and disassembly and the deformation of the keel. Aluminum grating is very popular among renovation practitioners.


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