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  • Oct
    Painted Steel Grating

    Improve the transit corridor safety of the facility by using painted steel gratings to differentiate the passageways.Painted steel gratings are mainly used for the surface treatment of steel gratings. The general surface treatment of steel gratings is galvanized. The same surface spray paint is also

  • Sep
    Steel Grating Material

    The strip grating consists of individual parallel metal strips that are joined together by vertical strips to form a grid. Typically, the rods are joined by welding, and although many different types of welding processes can be used, the most economical solution depends on the thickness of the metal

  • Sep
    China Heavy Duty Steel Gratings

    China Heavy Duty Steel Gratings are designed to withstand heavy and static loads such as highways, factory floors, loading docks, entrance covers and airports. Heavy duty grids are manufactured in a variety of sizes and spacings due to conditions ranging from smaller forklifts to large trucks or air

  • Sep
    Stainless steel gratings

    Stainless steel rod gratingStainless steel bar gratings are made of 304, 304L, 316 and 316L alloys and are available in "WS" (welded stainless steel grille), "DTS" (swallowtail stainless steel pressure lock) and "SLS" (die-lock stainless steel) gratings. Suitable for corrosive environments and long-

  • Sep
    Where can you use aluminum steel grating?

    Where can you use aluminum strip gratings?Aluminum strip fences are an excellent choice for sidewalks, platforms and any other non-slip material, requiring corrosion resistant surfaces in high humidity environments such as: Sewage and sewage treatment plant Refinery Pumping and compresso

  • Aug
    Black Steel Grating

    Everything we do is usually with our aim "consumers initially, relying on the first, black steel gratings for food packaging and environmental safety, aluminum panels, floor grilles, galvanized sidewalk gratings, when you have anything about us Comment on the company or product, please do not call u

  • Aug
    Plain steel grating

    Plain steel grating, also called Smooth Steel Grating, is a type of grating made of plain steel bars. The smooth surface contrast with serrated steel grating, which has a serrated surface. plain steel grating is the most widely used grating type, which is used in almost all of the applications.Smoot

  • Aug
    China carbon steel steel grating

    Carbon steel bar gratings are a good choice when your project requires strong materials that are not exposed to significant corrosive environments. The strip grille is ideal for industrial steel grating floors and metal grilles. We offer plain or jagged strip grating surfaces with galvanized, bare s

  • Aug
    Serrated Steel Grating

    The sawtooth welded steel grid is made of mild steel and stainless steel. It has the characteristics of high strength, strong carrying capacity, anti-slip, anti-corrosion, high safety performance, no rain, dust, dust, long service life, etc. It is widely used in industrial platforms, stair steps, wa

  • Jul
    Steel grating weight

    Steel grid weight refers to the theoretical weight rather than the actual weight. And there is a calculation formula to calculate the relative value.Steel grille weight is important for use. Only when we calculate we know the weight of the steel grid capacity and under what conditions.The weight of


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