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Bar Gratings

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The bar grating is the main auxiliary equipment in the sewage pumping station. The welded bar grating is generally composed of a set of parallel grids that are placed obliquely at the inlet of the pumping station sump. The angle of inclination is 60°~80°.


A workbench should be set up behind the bar grating. The workbench should generally be 0.5m above the maximum water level upstream of the standard bar grating. For the artificial slag bar grating, the length of the workbench along the water flow direction is not less than 1.2m, the length of the mechanical slag bar grating is not less than 1.5m, and the width of the aisles on both sides is not less than 0.7m.


According to the shape, the welded bar grating can be divided into two types: a flat surface and a curved standard bar grating. The planar grid consists of a grid and a frame. The curved welded bar grating can be divided into fixed curved grille and rotating drum grating.


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