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China Mild Steel Grating

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Mild steel grating production method:


According to the specifications given by customers, the processing, welding, cutting, and final wrapping, if there is a corner, the corners must be removed first.


Low carbon steel grating plate type:

According to the production process, mild steel grating can be divided into pressure-welded steel grating and pressure-locked steel grating. According to the shape of the load-bearing flat steel, it can be divided into I-shaped steel grating, tooth-shaped steel grating and flat steel grating.


Mild steel grating fixing method: 

Low carbon steel grating can be fixed by welding and mounting clips. The advantage of welding is that it is permanently fixed and will not be loose. The specific position is on the first side of each corner of the mild steel grating. The length of the weld is not less than 20mm and the height is not less than 3mm fillet weld. The advantage of the mounting clip is that it does not damage the hot-dip galvanized layer and is easy to disassemble. At least 4 sets of mounting clips are required for each board. The number of mounting clips increases with the length of the board. The safest method is to use the lower clip directly. The screw head is welded to the steel beam to ensure that the steel grating does not slip off the beam due to the looseness of the mounting bracket.


Low carbon steel grating plate representation:

The center spacing of flat steel is divided according to the series: series 1 is 30mm, series 2 is 40mm, series 3 is 60mm, crossbar spacing: series 1 is 50mm, series 2 is 100mm.


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