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Painted Steel Grating

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Improve the transit corridor safety of the facility by using painted steel gratings to differentiate the passageways.

Painted steel gratings are mainly used for the surface treatment of steel gratings. The general surface treatment of steel gratings is galvanized. The same surface spray paint is also an important one. The processing cost of painted steel grating is lower than that of hot-dip galvanizing, and its rust-preventing ability is moderate and it is less prone to wear. However, the paint can be selected in a variety of colors, especially when the steel grating is used in mechanical equipment, the color of the steel grating and the color of the equipment will be consistent. Therefore, we use spray paint for surface treatment.

The painted steel grating is a series of carbon steel support rods that are joined to the vertical rails at various intervals to form a load-bearing load-bearing panel. The coating provides protection for the finished grating product during transport, while increasing its visibility, thereby reducing accidents at work.

Painted steel gratings are designed to support heavy objects with minimal weight and are an economical way to optimize pedestrian and vehicle motion or maximize available space. With a large open area, the painted steel grating is virtually maintenance-free and enhances user safety through enhanced traction, ventilation, perceptibility and light transmission.

Painted steel gratings can be used with carbon steel beams and bearing strips that are joined together by welding, dovetail, swaging locking or riveting. Welded steel grating provide durability at a low price, while those with dovetails, locks and riveted joints have a more refined look.

A layer of paint can be used to make the grille more visible to the user and protect the base metal from corrosion during shipping and installation. Paint is not an ideal long-term weathering protectant because the underlying metal is exposed as the time and age of use increases. The galvanizing process is the preferred method of protecting carbon steel grids from corrosion during their life cycle.

The sturdy, versatile painted reinforced grating can be used in a variety of applications. Such as walkways, platforms, safety barriers, drain covers and ventilation grilles.

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