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  • Feb
    Why do you choose pressure welded steel grating?

    Pressure welded steel grating, usually made of low carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum, is a grating with meshes. Using hot-dip galvanized surface treatment, its corrosion resistance and durability have been greatly improved.

  • Feb
    Stainless Steel Light-Duty Bar Gratings Are The Most Durable

    Stainless Steel Light-Duty Bar Gratings are the most durable. The serrated and slipnot surfaces provide extra traction in areas where slip-resistance is important. All stainless steel light-duty bar grating are pickled and electropolished to achieve low surface roughness and maximum corrosion resistance.

  • Feb
    Why Do You Choose The Perf-O Grip Safety Steel Grating ?

    China perf-o grip safety steel grating is a metal grille plate made of high quality pre-galvanized steel, aluminum and stainless steel. It has large-hole and perforated tread buttons that provide maximum protection in all cases and high slip resistance in all directions. In addition, it has anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties, and is easy to handle and fast to handle. It is the best choice for industrial workplaces and elsewhere.

  • Jan
    4 types of Plain black steel grating

    Plain black steel grating is a kind of grating made of plain steel bars. Aluminum, low-carbon steel and stainless steel are usually used as raw materials. According to the production process, plain black steel grating can be divided into 4 types.

  • Jan
    What is shaped steel grating used for?

    Shaped steel grating is the general name of irregular steel grating. Its shapes include: circle, triangle, trapezoid, sector, polygon and other shapes. The material is generally carbon steel or stainless steel.The appearance of shaped steel grating is affected by the environmental conditions.

  • Jan
    Heavy duty hot dip galvanized steel grating in humid environments

    Heavy duty hot dip galvanized steel grating is made of flat bearing steel and steel bars. The zinc layer on the surface forms a corrosion-resistant film. Heavy duty hot dip galvanized steel grating is ideal for use in humid environments where corrosion resistance is critical.

  • Dec
    China Steel Grating for Drain Trench exporter

    Steel Grating for Drain Trench can be used as trench drains in trench drainage systems to ensure excellent drainage performance and pedestrian safety.

  • Dec
    Heavy duty stainless steel grating for harsh corrosive environments

    Heavy duty stainless steel grating has excellent chemical stability and is ideal for using in salt, acid, alkali and other corrosive environments. It is generally made of SS304 and SS316.

  • Dec
    China Trench Ordinary Drain Cover Gratings

    Do you need trench ordinary drain cover gratings that can bear heavy loads in high-traffic areas? We manufacture many kinds of drain cover gratings with various load classifications. If you are beautifying a public park or pavilion with a fountain, we can create water feature drains with slipknot coating to minimize the risk of foot traffic hazards.

  • Dec
    2019 Hot Dip Galvanized Anti-Theft Trench Cover Grating

    A drainage system allows the free flow of water and in most cases prevents accumulation that can lead to flooding. Municipal drainage project is the basic urban drainage system, which is closely related to the people's livelihood and the infrastructure is essential to ensure the quality of its construction.


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