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  • Jun
    How To Order Or Specifying Stainless Steel Bar Grating ?

    Stainless steel bar grating is the most popular product manufactured by Zhenxing. Nearly all sizes in Standard Mesh Type are readily available in our warehouses or stocked on the shelves of our distributors.

  • May
    How to extend the service life of heavy-duty steel bar grating?

    Heavy-duty steel bar grating is widely used in our daily life, but do you know how to extend the service life of it? Select materialIt is very important to select the raw materials of the heavy-duty steel bar grating strictly according to the loading capacity.

  • Apr
    Quality Steel Grating for Offshore Platform Reinforced Floor Grating

    1.what is offshore oil platform steel grating? ( steel platform & walkway grating ) -- steel grating ( platform grating ) is made by bearing bar and cross bar according to the flat-steel weft arrangement, in high-pressure spacing on resistance welder welded by cutting, incision, opening, overloc

  • Mar
    Black welded steel grating is good for industrial and commercial use

    Black welded steel grating is the most widely used type of steel grating. It has the advantages of high strength, low cost, easy installation and can withstand rigors of heavy industrial and commercial use.

  • Mar
    4 application places suitable for serrated black steel grating

    Serrated black steel grating is popular among plant flooring and equipment flooring. With high strength-to-weight ratio, it can meet almost any need. Serrated black steel grating is widely used in the environments filled with water, oil and other elements.

  • Feb
    China Steel Grating Manhole Cover supplier

    The Steel Grating Manhole Cover is welded by flat steel and a certain distance of steel bars. Steel grating manhole covers are resistance welded to form a solid monolithic panel. The load-bearing strips are automatically resistance welded at the point of contact with the beam and are fused together to form a permanent joint. The rod provides high rigidity but still maintains a smooth, flat surface and is free to walk.The steel grating manhole cover has the characteristics of high strength, light structure, high bearing capacity and convenient loading.

  • Feb
    hot dipped galvanized flat steel grating

    hot dipped galvanized flat steel grating is an ideal for using in humid environments where corrosion resistance is critical.The hot dipped galvanized flat steel grating is widely used in steel structure platforms, stair steps, sidewalks, drainage systems and manhole covers. We can design and manufacture standard steel gratings, and customize shapes according to customer requirements, and provide you with drawings.

  • Feb
    Traction Tread Safety Steel Grating factory

    Traction Tread Safety Steel Grating is considered a safe grating, a high-quality industrial floor with hundreds of perforated button treads, and excellent slip resistance in all directions. This outstanding industrial tread grip is perfect for any manufacturing or commercial application that require

  • Feb
    3 advantages of serrated black grating

    Serrated black grating is welded from flat steel in the shape of zigzag. In addition to the characteristics and uses of plain steel gratings, it also has strong anti-skid ability, especially suitable for wet and slippery places.

  • Feb
    Why do you choose pressure welded steel grating?

    Pressure welded steel grating, usually made of low carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum, is a grating with meshes. Using hot-dip galvanized surface treatment, its corrosion resistance and durability have been greatly improved.

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